• Speed Mentoring Is Back!

    Speed Mentoring is back for the first time in years!

    Whether you're a seasoned HR pro or just beginning your career, this event is going to be a blast for all.  It's all going down May 9th at the Novotel Hotel.  Register at the events page here.

    We wanted to use the occasion to get in touch with the members of our old MentorCity dashboard to ensure you had the opportunity to join in before registration fills up!

    And in case you haven't heard, last year we re-launched MentorCity with the convenient 'self-matching' feature, giving members more control over their mentorship experience. Head over to the new MentorCity community page to create your new profile.

    Not only is this a free event, but you'll earn CPD hours, enjoy some light food & drinks and gain mentoring opportunities in the process!

    The interactive discussion in a speed networking format will give attendees the chance to ask real questions to learn “what it’s really like” from individuals working in the industries they hope to start their careers in and allow you to grow your network.

    So don't forget to follow the link and secure your Speed Mentoring spot before it's too late!