HRPA Inclusivity Task Force (ITF) - Task Force Member

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Starts: 11-24-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


The topic of Diversity and Inclusion has long been recognized as a priority issue at HRPA. As you may know, earlier this Spring, our Board established a Board Diversity and Inclusion Policy. While this is a significant achievement amongst the regulatory community, we’re not done yet.  The Board is now ready to pivot and shift our focus to our Board practices.

Recognizing that Diversity and Inclusion is an integral part of governance practice, the Board has established an Inclusivity Task Force ('ITF'), reporting to the Governance and Nominating Committee ('GNC'). 

The ITF committee’s mandate is “to ensure that the HRPA implements and maintains best/leading practices in inclusive Board governance”.

The ITF is to be composed of the following members

  1. Chair – appointed by the HRPA Board Chair  (position filled)
  2. Member – CEO (position filled)
  3. Member – Chair of the Board (position filled)
  4. Member – HRPA member holding a CHRL (vacant)
  5. Member – HRPA member holding either CHRP or CHRL (vacant)
  6. Member – An HRPA Employee who is using this as a developmental opportunity (position filled)

      A diverse composition is one of the requirements of task force membership.  In full transparency, three of the existing four positions that have been filled are comprised of white men and women. We have work to do.  For this reason we are seeking to fill the two vacancies with individuals who identify from a diverse group -  indigenous people, persons from the LGBTQ2+ community, visible minorities and/or people with disabilities.  You are being contacted because we recognize you have experience with Diversity and Inclusion roles in one or more organizations and, we hope, can learn with and teach us.

      In terms of obligations that come with this role, we expect we will conduct up to six virtual meetings between November 2020 and May 2021 when the term of office expires.  (After May, the Task Force will be advised if the work will continue or be transitioned to a Board Committee to execute any recommendations.)

      If you are interested in applying to this exciting opportunity, please click the 'APPLY TODAY' button, located right near the top of this opportunity listing.

      Please read: 

      Terms of Reference - HRPA Inclusivity Task Force 
      HRPA Volunteer Code of Conduct 


      Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL)
      Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)

      Volunteers Needed:

      2 (2 open slots)

      Experience Required:

      No Experience Necessary




      Justin Manuel
      Specialist, Volunteer Relations, Services & Online Communities Specialist