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Sarnia & District Chair, Chapter Programs/Professional Development, Interim

Signup Deadline: 10-31-2020
Starts: 11-01-2020
Ends: 05-31-2021


The Chair, Chapter Programs/Professional Development, Interim is Chair of the PD Committee with the Sarnia & District Chapter. The committee facilitates the annual professional development calendar with the cooperation of the Association's staff and the Chapter Board. 

This position is temporary, but the individual will be eligible to stand for election in the May 2021 Election Process. 

  • Attends and participates in all scheduled Board meetings
  • Works with HRPA Staff to create and direct a Program Committee and or sub-committees
  • Working with HRPA Staff helps identifies, recruits, trains, supervises and recognizes committee volunteers
  • Working with HRPA Staff, carefully analyzes data from registrations, annual member survey and chapter member demographic and geographic population data
  • Commits to use HRPA registration and event feedback platforms
  • Analyze event content, format, timing and location for the event, and where necessary, replicating the event in multiple locations and times to encourage the great possible participation from members throughout the Chapter territory
  • Maximizes and existing "off-the-shelf" programs/products as provided by HRPA, such as HR Broadcasts, Webinars and Seminars for incorporation into the design of Chapter PD event calendar
  • As early as possible in the Summer, publishes a core event calendar for the membership year and adds to it as time and opportunity permits 
  • Ensures the Communications Chair is informed of events to be communicated to members
  • Reviews results of event survey feedback regarding chapter event content, timing, location and cost to ensure that the members feel they are receiving value for their membership
  • Uses the Speaker’s Bureau to select relevant speakers to present at Chapter Events
  • Books venues and forwards invoicing to HRPA finance for payment
  • Fills out “Event Link Request Form” to have events CPD approved (if applicable) and posted to the website by HRPA Staff
  • Working with HRPA Staff, provides training as early as possible in the board term, as well as supervises, evaluates and recognizes Program Committee team members
  • Completes the appropriate LMS modules within the first month of role
  • Participates on quarterly Professional Development calls held by HRPA Staff
Contact Past Chair, Lisa Isaac at info@lisaisaachr.com for more information.
Thank you​


Sarnia and District

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Lisa Isaac, CHRP, CHRL